Group Classes

  • Offer class passes
  • Manage group classes efficiently
  • Group classes into sessions
  • Generate attendance reports
GOrendezvous' class schedule on an ipad and an iphone, displaying the available filters and the information of upcoming classes

Get Together!

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In Person

Offer online booking for group classes.

Whether it is a small class of 5, or a large class of 200, our group class feature is perfect for businesses such as gyms, yoga studios, cooking classes, workshops, etc.

By Videoconference

Give your classes online instead of in person! When you start the Zoom call at the time of the class, the participants will automatically receive an email with a link inviting them to join the virtual session.

Online Deposits and Payments

Avoid no-shows by collecting a deposit or the full payment when a client books a class. This is the perfect way to enforce your cancellation policy.

Our online payments are powered by . Create an account in minutes and start accepting payments today. If you are a group of independent professionals under the same banner, each professional can connect their own Stripe account.

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A GOrendezvous session creator window, displaying the session's desired name, settings and price

Create Sessions

Group classes together into a session, provide discounted prices for clients that book early and control whether or not clients can sign up midway through the session.

Class Passes

Guarantee revenue by selling prepaid class passes. Offer enticing promotions like « 3 weeks unlimited for $45 » or « 10 classes for $180 ».

When a client signs up for a class, their class pass will automatically be deducted.

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A phone showing an email reminder with a magnified 'confirm my presence' button

Email Reminders

A few days before the class, clients will receive a reminder by email from which they can confirm their attendance in a single click.

As usual, when a client books a spot in your class, you will be notified by email and they will receive a confirmation by email.

GOrendezvous is the best appointment and group scheduling platform! Quality technical support, simple and efficient user interface and competitive pricing!

Marie-Eve Corriveau, B.Sc. Kinesiology
Studio and training center director at Spinal Mouvement
Lolë Ambassador

Manage Group Classes Efficiently

Offer Classes in Just a Few Clicks

Easily add a class or a series of classes to your schedule.

Check Confirmation Status

At a glance, see who has registered and who has confirmed.

Take Attendance

Take attendance in a few clicks.

Track Payments

Keep track of payments as well as payment methods.

Class creation window showing the class name, start date/time, location, duration, number of spots, price, teacher, and room.
Class attendance report featuring the classes for all professionals, services and locations.

Attendance Report

Print or analyze your attendance history in just 2 clicks.

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the difference between classes and appointments?

Appointments usually involve one client while group classes involve multiple participants. For example, hairdressers give appointments while yoga instructors are more likely to offer classes. Classes are often recurring events and summer classes, for instance, can be grouped into a session to offer discounted prices to the participants.

What's the difference between a class and a session?

A session is a group of classes. You can use sessions to guarantee your revenue, provide discounted prices for clients that book early, and control whether or not clients can sign up midway through the session.

I'm offering a deal on one of my classes, is there any way for me to advertize that specific class?

Yes! You can add a button on your website that allows clients to book that specific class in one click. You can also advertize the class on Facebook and send an email promoting the service to your clients.

Is Zoom a secure and confidential platform?

As always, security is a priority for GOrendezvous. Our technical team has been paying close attention to the recent security concerns raised about Zoom.

However, in early April Zoom announced multiple reassuring improvements to its security. Here is an article written by our team to help you better understand Zoom’s updates.

Do I have to create a Zoom account to use it with GOrendezvous?

To take advantage of GOrendezvous’ Zoom integration, you must create a Zoom account. According to your videoconferencing needs, you can pick the Zoom plan of your preference (free, health, or chargeable).

When my clients open the link to access the online class, will they have to enter a password if I activated the mandatory password option in my preferences?

A unique identification number will be automatically generated for each class. This identification number is encrypted in the link emailed to your attendees. The password will also be encrypted into that same link if this option is activated.

Therefore, all your clients will have to do is click the link they’ll receive by email and they will be redirected to the videoconference without having to enter a password.