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A view of a professional's GOrendezvous schedule on different devices

Automated reminders

  • Make sure your clients show up for their appointments with SMS and email reminders.
  • Since your clients confirm their presence in advance, it reduces the risk of cancellations and oversights.
Appointments in a GOrendezvous schedule showing that one client confirmed their presence and the other received a reminder
A GIF of a canceled appointment being replaced automatically by GOrendezvous' waiting list

Automated waiting list

  • Optimize your time by filling in the cancellations.
  • If your schedule is full, and you are busy, you can offer to your clients to join your wait list.
  • With this feature, your clients can select their availability and GOrendezvous will suggest an appointment that matches their request.

Electronic Charting

  • Simple electronic charting: organize and keep your clients’ important information in one place!
  • You can add images such as X-rays, use existing templates in our collective library, duplicate charts from past appointments, etc.
The empty SOAP charting file of a physiotherapist using GOrendezvous on an ipad
An orthotherapist's intake form being filled out on a client's phone

Send forms automatically

  • Email consent forms or health forms to your clients before their appointment.
  • The forms are customizable and secure.

Insurance Receipts & Billing

GOrendezvous offers a complete billing solution:

  • Deposit requests
  • Online payment
  • Email insurance receipts
  • Personalized revenue report
GOrendezvous receipt for services rendered by a massage therapist
The GOrendezvous booking button clients use to book appointments with professionals

Book an appointment online

  • Give your clients the freedom to book an appointment online with our easy-to-integrate appointment button on your website.

What Professionals Think of GOrendezvous

Five yellow stars in a row

I was at first reluctant to go to an online scheduler, but now that I've been using GOrendezvous, I can't believe I didn't switch over sooner!! Easy to use, my clients love the fact that they can book appointments exactly when they think about it.

- Jayme L.

Five yellow stars in a row

Easy to learn, and GOrendezvous spent several hours helping answer questions, and demonstrating how to be successful with the program. I've been using GOrendezvous for 2 years now, and I'm very pleased with my experience. Easy prompts, hands off management software, and easy to reach customer service are the main reasons I gave this a 5/5 review.

- Meagan

Five yellow stars in a row

I’m very happy with the great technical expertise I was offered by the GOrendezvous staff. I am increasingly confident that GOrendezvous is the booking platform I need. Thank you.

- John

  • Free & friendly onboarding
  • Excellent customer service
  • Data confidentiality
  • PHIPA & PIPEDA compliant