Security & confidentiality

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  • Data storage and encryption

At GOrendezvous, data security and confidentiality are a priority.

A computer showing a GOrendezvous client file covered by a pink lock


  • Activate multifactor authentication (2 steps)
  • Check the date and time of the most recent employee login
The GOrendezvous sign in page requiring the professional to enter a multi factor code to access the platform
An employee's secure file sharing settings


  • Hide your clients’ names on the schedule
  • Choose different permission levels for each employee
  • Share a file with specific colleagues in read or edit mode

Data storage

All data you transfer to GOrendezvous is encrypted from A to Z (transport and storage).

We have implemented internal processes, such as automated security tests and alerts. We also use an external firm to audit the security of our platform regularly.

Our servers are with Amazon Web Services in Canada, and our data is copied to a second server at all times, providing redundancy in the event of the main data server's failure. Also, a backup copy of data is taken continuously.

In terms of security, Amazon Web Services complies with very high standards of security and compliance. Amazon Web Services has been audited by external firms and agencies with expertise in security.

We do business with Cloudflare, one of the best cybersecurity providers. Cloudflare complies with the highest security standards.

Data encryption

GOrendezvous also uses SSL to encrypt data travelling between your browser and our servers. The communication of your private information from any address starting with "HTTPS" is encrypted and secure thanks to SSL. For more information on SSL encryption, see the FAQ on certificates.

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